Here’s to wasting a few brain cells if you are here for what might become the most rachet show on television.

The Real Sidechicks of Charlotte is a group of women who are “Sidechicks” to some of Charlotte’s most prominent men.

Who knew Charlotte had this kinda mess going on?

What is a sidechick? “A substitute when a man’s wifey ain’t acting right! “A side chick is the fun girl. We are a gift to your man when he’s ready to get away from you because you’re giving him a headache,” one girl said to The Jasmine Brand. “So he comes here and we have a good time and I show him a good time and he shows me a good time in return.”

Sounds more like a paid escort of prostittute to me, but carry on.

The show is picking up traction and we just might see on TV very soon.

But in my mind, when you’re young, smart and beautiful, why would you wanna be someone’s side piece?

And the answer is “Money.”

Then coins mean more to some women than their integrity, image or reputation, cause let’s face it. You’ll never be that girl he takes home to Mom, you can never just go “hang out” anywhere for fear that someone might see you and after he’s gone you’re left with an empty heart and empty bed, and some dollars on your nightstand.

Not for me even if I was 21 again.

Here’s a sneak peek of you’re interested.

Whatever works for you, I guess.
No news on if the show will be picked up, but I’m sure it will. BRAVO, E, VH1, WE?


Are you here for the shenanigans?    


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