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Sandra Bowers Adams, 70, has been charged with second-degree murder, second-degree cruelty to children and involuntarymanslaughter in the death of her 21 month old grandson.

Adams and the child, Paris Adams, whom she was babysitting were outside and tried to re-enter the house when her two pit bulls stormed out the door and attacked the child.

The grandmother who was also knocked to the ground, eventually reach her grandson. Adams was able to fight the dogs off, but not before the Paris was mauled. She and boy’s mother arrived at an urgent care around 3:15pm, where the child was pronounced dead just after 3:30om. Paris Adams had extensive bites and and severe tears to his head and neck.

Adams was arrested and released from the Hart County jail on $50,000 bond.

The dogs will be euthanized at a later date.

(Source: Northeast Georgia Animal Shelter Director Tammi Jourdenais

This is not the first incident with Adams and her dogs.

According to Hartwell police Chief Anthony Davis, Adams has been cited multiple times in the past over ordinance violations involving the same two dogs involved in the attack. At least six reports were written from 2013 to 2015 addressing Adams for incidents related to dogs.

According to a January 2013 incident report, a concerned citizen contacted police in regards to two dogs on Adams’ property. When officers arrived on scene, they said they found a dog which had its tether tangled in debris and vegetation, preventing it from reaching water or its dog house.

The temperature was below freezing at the time, police said. A second dog was walking around unleashed, the report states. A citation was issued to Adams.

Police were called to another incident in May 2013 after a caller reported dogs running on the loose. Officers said they found a pit bull mix tangled up without food or water, two pit bull mixes running at large and two pit bull mixes in a fenced area.

According to the police report, Adams told officers the dogs belonged to a friend but investigators said they learned Adams and her daughter had not had contact with the man for several weeks. They were issued a warning.

In October 2014, an incident report states two women who were jogging filed a complaint about a dog which had aggressively ran and barked at them. Police said when they arrived, Adams was putting the dog inside and said it had pulled out of its collar before running at the joggers. A citation was issued and animal control was called.

Ten days earlier, police had been dispatched to the home after a woman said a white pit bull charged her while she was walking and tried to bite her. Adams told officers the dog had escaped its pen again. She was issued a citation.

In March 2015, officers were called to Adams home after a woman said she was walking her dogs and they were attacked by a white pit bull at large. Officers said Adams told them she was walking her daughter’s two dogs when their leashes became crossed and she dropped one of them. She was issued a warning.

In December 2015, two victims contacted police and said a white pit bull “charged at them and was acting vicious” while they were on a run. The incident report states that “they and the neighborhood have had problems with this dog before running loose… They both advised that they feel that the dog is too aggressive toward people.”

Officers described the dog as a large male without a collar and said it resided with Adams. Police said Adams told them the dog ran out the door before she could grab him and she was sorry. A citation was issued.

People can say what they want about how well behaved their Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and other temperamental dogs are, but there have been far too many tragedies as a result of these “well behaved” dogs.

My heart goes out to that grandmother who will never forget this day and her daughter who lost her son.

May he rest in Heaven.


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