Former officer Wayne Welsh shared a meme on Sunday showing a little white girl being drowned by her mother in a bathtub with the caption, “When your daughter’s first crush is a little Negro boy.”

The post was captured and tweeted along with Welsh’s Facebook profile.

And from there the post went viral, with people in both Louisiana and the country calling for the officer to be fired.

Wayne Welsh defended the offensive post before apologizing. He also wrote that people were using the race card and that the Facebook police were mad at him.

In Monday, Welsh must have realized the post could cost him his job, he offered this half-a**ed apology,

“Well, I posted something on Facebook that made a lot of people mad,” he wrote. “Well, I’m sorry for what happen. Ya have a blessed day.”

Too bad Welsh was a day late and a dollar short by the time he decided to apologize (not that he admitted he was wrong or didn’t feel that way).

Estherwood Police Chief Ernest Villejoin, asked for Welsh’s resignation. 

I hope Welsh and his wife (if he has one) don’t have any daughters at home. 

They might lose their life if they fall in love with a “Negro.”

But I highly doubt that will happen. Men like Welsh instill racism into their children at an early age.

People are not born to be racist, it’s taught.

Dear God, if he hasn’t already. Please don’t let him procreate.


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