Celeb Mafia

With all the disturbances between Blac Chyna and Rob, Blac Chyna and the Kardashians, Blac Chyna and whomever. You would think she would be discouraged?

Not Chyna.

Chyna just signed a $1 million dollar deal with Capital Records. It seems she’s looking to start spitting words to music.

According to Media Take Out, Blac Chyna was spotted pulling up to the Capitol Records office in Hollywood. She looked phenomenal, wearing a new luscious red hairstyle.

Did I mention her outfit? She was looking like fire with her boots, matching Chanel bag and fiery red hair.


Blac Chyna was on her way into the building to sign her new record deal, according to sources. She’s planning on releasing an album, and has already put in some studio time on it.


According to the source that TMZ spoke to, her album will focus on “rap, poetry music, and traditional singing.” The source also stated that there will be no diss tracks, as Chyna don’t play that.


Congratulations to Blac Chyna on her new record deal!

You can’t say nothing about Chyna’s hustle.


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