Persuasion/Getty Images
This is what happens when your old Boo pops in on you with your new Boo.

Black Ink’s owner Ceaser got a surpise when Karlie Redd showed up “unannounced and uninvited” with him and his new Boo Persuasion from “The Bad Girls Club.”


And Karlie got read for filth and almost caught a beat down.

Peep this!

So this is what had happened according to sources.

“So, after Karlie appeared like a wild Pokémon, she and Persuasian just stared yelling at each other and tried to fight! More specifically, Persuasian was trying to fight and Karlie was looking terrified,” the source told us. “Home girl even jumped in the pool to try and swim to Karlie, but God was on her side, because security wasn’t letting a fight go down.” 

Karlie know she can’t fight and she definitely don’t wanna mess with anyone from BGC.

Why you think they call the show that Karlie?

Move on to the next show Karlie. Maybe there’s someone free on “Black Ink Chicago?”



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