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On May 12 and July 20, 2017, I did a story on an amazing little boy named Adrian Jones in my blog because his story touched my heart.

Adrian Jones was just 7 years old when he was beaten, tortured and killed, then fed to the pigs by his own biological Dad and step-Mother.

I reached out to a family friend, Erin Christine Viren, who had been trying to get in touch with the Dr. Phil show so that they could get Adrian’s story the attention it deserved as well as help other children in crisis.

I also sent a copy of my blog to The Dr. Phil Show via Twitter, Instagram and any social media outlet I could think of so that people were aware of the continuing efforts of Adrian’s Grandmother Judy Conway, to get his story out there.

Judy Conway

I was informed by Ms. Viren today that the Dr. Phil show did indeed reach to the family because of a lady who reached out to Judy Conway, whose daughter coincidently, had been on the show. The lady has the numbers to the producers of the show and called them and in return they called Ms. Conway.

I can’t tell you how overjoyed that I able to assist get Adrian’s story out there so at least people will know of this little boy’s story, his life, his legacy. I can not imagine this family’s devastation of losing a child in such a horrific way.

I know my blog is small time, but it’s not about being all lights and camera. I’m not blogging to be famous, but to make a difference, if I can.

I am open to assist the family in any way they need me to and I will continue to follow up on this terrible, but necessary story.

Adrian’s life meant something to so many people and he should never be forgotten.

Thank you to his family and to Erin Christine Viren for letting me, a perfect stranger, be a part of this journey.

And a special thank you to Judy Conway for reaching out to me this morning.


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