The National Guard has been called in and Virginia Governor, Terry McAuliffe declared a “State Of Emergency” due to the “Unite the Right” rally by Alt Right Groups over the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee being removed from a city park. 

Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer says 1 person has died after a car driven by a white nationalist plunged into the crowd. At least 19 pedestrians were reportedly struck and injured in the incident as well, and multiple outlets are reporting they were counter protesters of white nationalists.

Before the vehicle drove into the crowd, killing one person, clashes between white nationalists and counter-protesters led the police to order people to disperse.

Signer tweeted his thoughts on the events that have taken place and asked people to return to their homes.

Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) issued statements on Facebook and Twitter on Saturday, condemning the rally and violence. 

On Saturday, Trump condemned “this egregious display of bigotry, hatred and violence on many sides.”

Charlottesville’s Mayor Mike Signer responded to Trump’s tweet, saying the “work is just beginning.” 

David Axelrod questioned the wording of Trump’s statement.

Twitter has been anything but quiet on the subject. Many are blaming Trump as the catalyst. The battles were intensified by the election of Mr. Trump, who enjoys fervent support from white nationalists.

Some are even calling for Former President Barack Obama to heal this nation.

Hmmmm….when he was President, he was called a Muslim terrorist, a Monkey, Coon and other deurogatory names that some Americans spewed at not only him, but his family as well.

Don’t go calling on him now.

You wanted “The Apprentice” man as President and you got him.

Now you have to deal with it just like people of color have to. You don’t get to duck in your homes, behind the curtains and say “this should not be happening here.”

You stand the chance of being hit in the head with a bat or being maced, just because.

How you like it now?

We’re not going to have to worry about North Korea bombing us. We have so many home growned terrorists, racists and bigots that can annialate ourselves.


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