If you attended the “Unite the Right” rally and were marching with the White Supremacists, Nazis, KKK or Alt Right buffoons, you might wanna listen to this.

Listen closely.

The Twitter account @YesYoureRacist needs the public’s help in identifying white supremacists who participated in the “Unite the Right” rallies in Virginia.

They are exposing them and letting their employers know what kind of person they have working in their company.

And it’s working….

According to a statement from the workplace of Cole White, a “Unite the Right” participant identified by pictures of the protests that went viral, he’s been fired.

Twenty year old Peter Cvjetanovic told KTVN that he didn’t know the photos would go viral and says his participation was not about hate.

“I did not expect the photo to be shared as much as it was. I understand the photo has a very negative connotation,” he said. “But I hope that the people sharing the photo are willing to listen that I’m not the angry racist they see in that photo.” 

Yeah okay….

So racists beware cause they’re comin’ for ya!


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