Actress Janet Hubert Slams Omarosa Manigault

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Actress Janet Hubert keeps popping in and out of news, but not for her acting, but ……

For her acting up.

As we all know, Hubert is not a fan of Trump’s Director of Communication for the Office of Public Liaison.

Hubert called out Omarosa in a tweet that has since been deleted.



She continued with, “Your 15 minutes are up, you are Trumps suppository. You don’t represent us and you never did, the orange twitterbitch is using you fool. You are his black pawn…you will go down with him. Why do folks even ask you to appear anywhere? SMDH.

Hubert seems as frustrated as we are by the current state of politics. 

This isn’t her first time speaking out about Omarosa. When Omarosa became one of Trump’s aides, Hubert lit a bomb and threw it right under Omarosa’s bus in a scathing post.

Omarosa first came on the scene when she was on Trump’s reality TV show “The Apprentice.” And from there, our opinion of her went from “Pretty Woman” to “The Thing.”


She even made the list on TV Guide’s 2013, “60 Nastiest TV Villains of All Time.”

Omarosa was a Democrat before 2015, but she must have changed her politics to get a position in a presidential administration.

Omarosa has not yet responded.

We all know that Janet Hubert’s no shrinking violent and can be quick with her tongue lashing.

When a cast reunion photo was released in 2016, she publicly commented about her acrimonious split from the TV show.

Always amazing to spend an afternoon with my Fresh Prince family. Wishing that James Avery was still with us to make this complete.

A post shared by Alfonso Ribeiro (@therealalfonsoribeiro) on

Hubert portrayed Aunt Viv on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” for the show’s first three seasons and was later replaced by Daphne Maxwell Reid.

NBC/Stuffed Dog/Quincy Jones/REX/Sh
Hubert claims Will Smith was the cause of her being replaced. According to the, network Hubert was reportedly let go from the sitcom after feuding with Smith and network officials.

In 2016, she also went after his wife, Jada Pickett Smith posting a video criticizing her calling for a boycott that year due to the lack of nominations for people of color. 

So Janet, don’t be sending us any poison pen tweets. We’re just here to report on the events.

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Please don’t shoot the messenger! 😘

Snapshot Of The Day: The Worst Leg Cramp Ever

Every once and a while you come across something that truly intrigues you and you feel the need to share.

This is of those times.

In a video uploaded on August 14, Angel Bermudez just finished his workout when a sudden pain shot through his leg. 

Angel had been struck by the most excruciating and pulsating leg cramp I’ve ever seen.

View at your own risk.

The video has garnered more than 16 million views on Facebook and more than 100,000 likes on Twitter.

I Can’t……..

Crime Watch: Multiple Shootings Makes This One Of Chicago’s Deadliest Weekends

CBS News

This weekend Chicago became the “Wild Wild West” this weekend.

Seven people lost their lives and at least 42 others wounded since Friday evening.

Here’s a brief timeline of Chicago’s “deadliest weekend.”

Seven people were shot, one fatally, during a single mass shooting incident about 2:30 a.m. Sunday in the West Pullman neighborhood on the Far South Side.

A male in a black SUV opened fire on a group in a parking lot of a banquet hall according to Chicago Police. The SUV then sped away.

On Sunday around 5:00am, a 30-year-old man was gunned down and suffered injuries to his head, neck and arm in the Brighton Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

A 32-year-old man was killed and two other people were wounded in a shooting about 4:30 a.m. Sundayin the Rogers Park neighborhood on the North Side. The man was shot in the neck and taken to Saint Francis Hospital in Evanston, where he was pronounced dead, police said. 

Sun Times file folder

Sunday at 2:00am, a 22-year-old man was shot to death in the University Village neighborhood on the Near West Side. The man suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was pronounced dead at the scene.

Less than an hour earlier, one man was killed and another was critically wounded in a West Englewood neighborhood shooting on the South Side. One man suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken in critical condition to Mount Sinai Hospital. Another man suffered multiple gunshot wounds and was taken to St. Bernard Hospital, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

Saturday at about 4:20am, Cornell Verner, 24, was gunned down in the Englewood neighborhood on the South Side. Verner was taken to St. Bernard Hospital, where he died at 4:32 p.m.

Twelve hours earlier, 26-year-old Jerrell J. Perkins was killed and a 45-year-old woman was wounded in another West Pullman neighborhood attack. Perkins, was shot in the head and taken to MetroSouth Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead at 4:46 a.m. The woman suffered gunshot wounds to the left arm and left leg and was taken to Christ Medical Center, where her condition was stabilized.

The latest non-fatal shooting occurred on Sunday afternoon at about 1:12pm, when a 24 year old man was shot in the face and abdomen by multiple shooters got out of a dark car and opened fire. The victim was taken to Stroger Hospital and listed in serious condition. 

At least 31 other people have been wounded in citywide shootings since 5 p.m. Friday.

Additionally, a person was shot by a Chicago Police officer about 8:45 p.m. Saturday in the Gage Park neighborhood on the Southwest Side. The male suspect suffered a graze wound to the neck and was taken to a hospital with injuries that were not thought to be life-threatening.

Last weekend, nine people were killed and at least 30 others were wounded in shootings across Chicago between Friday night and Monday morning.

How can we preach about white supremacists, Alt-Right and the KKK destroying us when doing a good job of eliminating ourselves. 

Black lives will matter to others only when we make our lives matter to each other.

If Black males are killed or incarcerated, who’s to continue the bloodline?

When there are no males to reproduce and carry on the lineage, the species dies off……

Point noted and taken.

Twitter Calls Out Shopper For Lying About “Black Privilege” 

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Some people are so desperate to prove they are a victim of “reverse discrimination” and are willing to go to extreme measures to do so.

A woman wanted the world to know she was being oppressed while shopping for a doll at Target. And she thought she could do it by rearranging the shelves to make it look  like only black dolls were available for sale. 

The only thing she proved was she’s a liar and that there is a lack of diversity in dolls for people of color.

So Twitter users set out to prove she was a phony.

A valuable lesson was learned here today boys and girls.

If you’re going to create phony racism plot, spend more than five seconds plotting on how you’re going to do it.

BTW, she also tried to kind of apologize for her initial tweet and before deleting her Twitter account, wrote, “Dear Twitter, I apologize for my insensitivity on issues. I’m 19 & it’s not too late to change, with your help. Pray for me. #GiveMeAChance.”

She made the tweet into a poll asking whether she could actually change.

Ninety percent voted “No.”

She must not have been too remorseful because as she was apologizing and asking for forgiveness, a Twitter user caught her also tweeting Alt Right founder Richard Spencer and Jared Taylor.

You can fool some of the people some of time, but you can’t fool Twitter followers none of the time.

Chile Bye…

Legendary Comedian Jerry Lewis Has Died

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Jerry Lewis, one of America’s beloved comedians has died of natural causes in his home in Las Vegas, Nevada Sunday morning.

He was 91.

Lewis success in movies, on television, in nightclubs, on the Broadway stage and in the university lecture halls provided him a lengthy career that some never see.

He shot to fame shortly after World War II as one half of the night club duo that included the smooth crooner Dean Martin.

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When the duo broke up the act in 1956, Lewis went on to a solo career, eventually writing, producing and directing. Some of his box office successes were Rock-a-Bye Baby” (1958), “The Geisha Boy” (1958) and “Cinderfella” (1960), “The Nutty Professor” (1963), and a variation on “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” in which Lewis appeared as a painfully shy chemistry professor and his dark alter ego, a swaggering nightclub singer.

In 1944, Lewis married former band singer Patti Palmer, with whom he had six sons, Gary, Ronnie (adopted), Scott, Anthony, Christopher and Joseph, who died in 2009. The marriage ended in divorce in 1980. He then married SanDee Pitnick in 1983 and they adopted a daughter, Danielle Sara Lewis in 1992.

In 1966, Lewis became the national chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In 1966, he began hosting the association’s annual Labor Day weekend telethon and started “Jerry’s Kids” raising about $2 billion during the more than 20 years he was host.

In 2010, Lewis’s made his last appearance as chairman due to a disagreement with the association’s president, Gerald C. Weinberg. He had no further involvement with the charity until 2016, when he lent his support via a promotional video. Eventually, the telethons were shortened and then discontinued altogether.

Despite his youthful appearance, Lewis suffered from a variety of illnesses including prostate cancer, pulmonary fibrosis and two heart attacks. Lewis suffered injuries related to a comedic pratfall from a piano while performing at the Sands Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip on March 20, 1965, that left him almost paralyzed. He became addicted to Percodan, that he took for pain after the accident.

Lewis suffered his first heart attack while filming Cinderfella in 1960. Then in December 1982, Lewis suffered another heart attack. En route to San Diego from New York City on a cross-country commercial airline flight on June 11, 2006, he sustained a minor heart attack. The doctors discovered that he had pneumonia as well as a severely damaged heart and he underwent a cardiac catheterization and two stents were inserted into one of his coronary arteries, which was 90% blocked. Lewis fully recuperated in a matter of weeks.

The 2013 Cannes Film Festival paid tribute to him included the screening of a preliminary cut of “Max Rose,” his first film in almost 20 years. Then in 2016, he appeared briefly as the father of Nicolas Cage’s character in the crime drama “The Trust.”

He is survived by his second wife, SanDee Pitnick, and 7 children.

Crime Watch: Rapper Mystikal Charged With Rape 

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Mystikal is back in the news, but not for anything good.

The rapper has been charged with rape in Louisiana according to the Shreveport Police Department.

Born Michael Lawrence, he was initially being sought after by police for the incident that is alleged to have happened on October 22 of last year in a downtown Shreveport casino.

According to the police, evidence collected at the scene matched Mystikal and 26-year-old Averweone Holman. Holman was arrested in Killeen, Texas on Friday by U.S. Marshalls. Both have been charged with one count of first degree rape. Their bond has been set at $2 million.

Averweone Holman/Getty Images

Police are looking for a third person, Tenichia Wafford, 42, in connection with the alleged crime. She faces charges for witness tampering and an accessory after the fact to first degree rape. Her bond is set at $200,000.

This is not the first time the rapper had been in trouble with the law. In 2003, Mystikal spent six years in prison on sexual battery charges before being released in 2010.

No means no Mystikal.

Civil Rights Activist And Comedian Dick Gregory Dead At 84

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Dick Gregory who became one of the first African-Americans to perform comedy at white clubs, died on Saturday, April 18.

Gregory recently rescheduled an event in Atlanta, Georgia after he was hospitalized.

His son posted on social media that his father died in Washington, DC. No further information was given.

Gregory was one of the pioneers regarding segregation and racial injustice and he satirized these issues in his comedic acts. He was arrested several times in the 1960s for joining civil rights rallies.

The prestigious Playboy Club in Chicago asked him to fill in for comedian Irwin Corey one night in 1961, when he was relatively unknown. He worked at small clubs filled with black audiences before he got his break.

Serving as a successful replacement for Corey, after winning over a majority white audience that night, the Playboy Club offered him a 3 year contract, turning him into a headline performer.

As an activist, Gregory attended marches and parades to support various issues, including civil rights and the opposition to the Vietnam War.

Additionally, he has written several books, including “Murder in Memphis,” which analyzed the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Celebrities and fans are sending their condolences on the loss of this great icon.

Heaven has gained another Angel. Rest easy Mr. Gregory.

Trump Decides Not To Attend The Kennedy Center Honors 

Evan Vucci / AP
Trump and his wife Melanie have opted out of attending the Kennedy Center Honors program in December.

In a statement from the White House, which read;

“The President and First Lady have decided not to participate in this year’s activities to allow the honorees to celebrate without any political distraction,” a statement from the White House read.

The Kennedy Center Honors individuals each year for their contributions to the Arts.

Kennedy Center Chairman David M. Rubenstein and President Deborah F. Rutter also released a statement;

The Kennedy Center respects the decision made today by the office of the President of the United States. In choosing not to participate in this year’s Honors activities, the Administration has graciously signaled its respect for the Kennedy Center and ensures the Honors gala remains a deservingly special moment for the Honorees. We are grateful for this gesture.”

According to a Kennedy Center official, this will be the fourth time that a President did not attend the event.

This all comes on the heel of the violence in Charlottesville, VA last weekend, where one person was killed. Trump was harshly crocuses by Republicans and Democrats for not denoucing the White Supremacists, Nazis and Alt-Right that are claiming they’re backing Trump’s vision of “Making America Great Again.”

Trump waited 2 days before he made his announcement trying to distance himself from the group and send his condolences to the young woman killed during the rally.

Thanks to both Trump and Melania for doing us all a favor.

Crime Watch: Black Man Beaten By White Supremacists Speaks Out

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The bloody young man seen in the photo that went viral is talking about his ordeal.

Deandre Harris is recovering from his injuries after being beaten with sticks and kicked by white supremacists in a Charlottesville parking garage during the “Unite the Right” rally.

“I got hit in the head and I had to get eight staples in my head to seal it back up. I broke my wrist right here. I busted my lip. I chipped my tooth,” Harris said.

A photographer captured the beating, and the photo quickly went viral after he posted it on Twitter.

Harris says he’s alive due to the kindness of a stranger who he only knows as “Karen.”

“She talked to me and kept me calm and really kept me awake. I was fading and she woke me up. I was losing so much blood, the people at the hospital told me I was lucky,” Harris said.

Later his mother posted his picture on Instagram showing the aftermath of his beating.

He says he and a group of friends went to protest the white supremacist gathering, and after exchanging words with a group, he says they were suddenly rushed.

There have been no arrest in the beating of Harris.